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Needless to say, why you need to purchase a property in Singapore.

From luxurious condominium units having direct access to shopping malls, mixed development properties with commercial establishments on the ground, hybrid executive condominiums featuring private-like facilities, down to HDB flats equipped with quality finishes – certainly there are countless reasons to buy property in Singapore.

The quality of real estate developments in this country is impeccable, similar to major key cities in the world. Buildings, old or new, are well maintained and there are strict guidelines enforced by the government that when ignored will result in hefty penalties. Every property is well inspected, provides a concrete plan for major disasters, safety measures are carefully planned out, and there are a good mix of ethnic race to public, private and commercial properties.

There’s no denying that Singapore is a land-scarce country. Compare to other countries in South East Asia, Singapore is categorically small at 719.1 square kilometers. While this might be a major problem for the government, because they need to provide sufficient housing for its growing number of residents, this, in turn, makes the demand for properties at an all-time high. The lessening number of viable lands and non-stop population makes properties in Singapore highly sought-after just like gold.

But why buy property in Singapore when rumor has it that there’s an oversupply of residential units? Simple, the continuous flock of immigrants in the country counteracts the decreasing number of local property demands. More and more foreigners want to take a slice of Singapore’s growing real estate business. Also, the expansion of financial districts is projected to attract hundreds of additional workforce, thus increasing the need for housing.

Do you intend to buy a property in Singapore, but do not know how to begin? We are here to assist you.

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