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Permanent Resident Application

Residing permanently in Singapore can be a dream for many people in this region. Singapore is known as a place of dreams. It’s also a city of innovation, technology, and a high standard of living. It’s not surprising that so many people come to Singapore for a variety of reasons: to work, to study, to chase after new opportunities. For many, living in Singapore is a dream itself.

Our team of dedicated specialists takes pride in our professionalism and quality service to understand your needs. We will guide you throughout the entire process, from doing initial assessment, and share expert tips on your application down to the submission of forms to increase your chance to be a Singapore Permanent Resident.


Overall, we have more than 10 years of immigration consulting experience, specialising in providing assistance and personally serving individuals and companies, striving for a positive outcome for all immigration applications. With our years of expertise, we are confident of handling all kinds of profiles for their application for PR in Singapore. We can help you get a high chance of approval.

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