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Insurance & Investment

Insurance & Investment are essential components of personal & family finance. Buying the right type of Insurance & Investment can not only protect ourselves, but also our loved ones who may be reliant on our income.

Getting a Singapore-based Insurance & Investment policy is probably one of the best financial decisions that you can make. Furthermore, Monetary Authority of Singapore has given strict guidance & governance for all these policies. You may refer to Insurance Act 1966 for further details.

During your youth days, insurance isn’t likely to be among your favourite things to talk or think about. Disease, death and disaster are probably the last things on your mind. Of course you haven’t started planning for those events. However, we can never expect when & how things will happen to us. Sooner or later, or at some points of life, we may get sick, accidents, and eventually pass on. As a responsible working adult, it is always recommended that we have coverage for ourselves and not to be a burden for family members.

You should always compare & consider first before deciding which Insurance & Investment instruments to get: coverage you need, premium type, coverage duration, inclusion of riders, etc. This work can be tedious & difficult, since you may not be so familiar with how they work & their regulation. We have good news for you: Do not be afraid!

We are here to help you from very first step, from sound advice, consultancy, accompanying you to get the most suitable instruments, getting your policy incepted, and all the way until you make claims. All are covered.

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