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Legacy Planning

You have worked hard to grow your wealth, support your family and live the life you want, so it makes sense that you want to protect this while you prepare for your dream retirement. This is why legacy planning — a financial plan that enables a person to bequeath assets such as money, property and valuable possessions to their next of kin or loved ones after their death — is so important.

Not only does it give you peace of mind in your golden years, a good legacy plan ensures you leave a lasting legacy for the ones you cherish, so they can live comfortably and well. By planning your legacy early, you can protect and possibly even grow your wealth. This will enable you to live the life you want without making compromises during your retirement, and to choose how you want your wealth to be distributed when you pass away.

Legacy planning is about passing your assets to the people you care about. Not having a plan in place may result in family members and/or business partners spending a lot of time and resources trying to sort out the distribution of your assets.
One of the main reasons why you would want to do estate planning is to make sure your assets go to your intended beneficiaries, and to not let the law decide for you.
Once death happens, all your assets will be frozen. Nobody is supposed to have access to them anymore.
For the majority of those who die without a Will, an Administrator has to be appointed, and apply for a court order called the Grant of Letters of Administration.
This Administrator is usually the next-of-kin (e.g spouse or eldest child) and has responsibilities to fulfil such as:
·       gather information on the deceased’s assets and liabilities
·       creating an estate bank account
·       transfer funds from the various banks into the estate account
·       paying off all debts and liabilities
·       and if there are any remaining assets, to be distributed to beneficiaries
We can assist you to get your legacy & estate planning done in very proper manner. You may start by writing your Will, put Nominee for your assets, create Lasting Power of Attorney, and many other tools.
If you are not sure on how this works for you, our dedicated team of specialist can assist you to start.


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